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{Here's what some lovely people have said about my work.

I'd rather share their words than try to convince you with my own. [sheepish grin] I'm humbled by these beautiful words.}


"Oh My Gosh! I will not stop/cannot stop looking at these photos...Love them!!! U r brilliant!!!!!!!!"  - Janet  [A sweet text right after she viewed her sneak peek...and YES, that many exclamation points. Lol.]


"Gail - Just a quick note to tell you...not exaggerating - not kidding - not blowing this up:
Seeing the kids expressions in some of the pictures you took...brought tears to my eyes.  What a rewarding experience. You are an amazing photographer and
your passion for your work is evident.
Thank you so much for capturing these moments in such a beautiful way." - Lucy


"The pics are amazing!! I love so many of them I'm really going to have to decide which ones we want to print. Thank you for doing such an amazing job." - Michelle


"Sweet Gail: Your work is a true representation of who you are and what you stand for.
God Bless You." - Devy


"I am EXTREMELY eager to see all the wedding pictures! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SNEAK PEEK! It invoked so much emotion! Ever since I got back from my honeymoon last week, I have been religiously checking my email with hopes to see an email from you saying "they are ready!" I just saw your latest Gail Centeno Photography site and I love this rebranding and site!" - Kristin

"Your work is amazing! I loved every single image. Thanks for everything." - Ivett

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