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The Fall Fashionistas (and a few that a word?) are ready! May I just say, these kids have it goin' on! ;) The images shown are in the order they were taken: backstage/pre-show, groups of each grade level on stage, then the children at the end as they returned to make the rounds of the stage...a couple of times. Therefore, look closely for your children...they could be anywhere...and are mostly everywhere! Some of these little ones cracked me up as they kept jumping in front of the camera. #notcamerashy ;) And what a challenge...they FLEW down the runway! Whoa. Lol. It was my pleasure to document this fun day for them and for you, the parents. A special thank you to the show's sponsors for the beautiful clothing: Old Navy, The Children's Place, Peek-A-Boo Boutique and Step by Step. Enjoy!

{Now for the not-so-fun, but important legal nitty-gritty: It is a violation of Federal Copyright Law to copy, print, crop, edit or alter these images in anyway. Please respect and protect the name and value of my work. Thank you!}

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