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What is a session like?

Non-boring, easy-going and laid back! If you or little ones are relaxed, that will make for the best pictures. We’ll talk, play, laugh. I'll probably tell you corny jokes. (Sorry.) I'm friendly and personable. No need to be shy. Being yourself will help us get the best shots. I'll interact with you at times and give guidance for some poses, but the ones you'll probably love most are the ones that come completely naturally. You are free to bring anything you would like to incorporate in your pictures. Make them personal! (Ex: books, hats, a bike, balloons, umbrella, picnic basket, child’s favorite doll, etc.) Oh, and if you see me climbing a tree or laying flat on my stomach on the sidewalk, it's all part of the art. Trust me...I get some of my best shots that way (and strongest muscles).

Newborn sessions should be booked during your pregnancy, preferably by 7 months to ensure availability. We'll use your due date as our spot holder and adjust accordingly once baby arrives. (They definitely have little plans of their own.) Sessions, held in the comfort of your home, should be completed between 5-12 days after birth. Once your baby is born, please have someone contact me within 48 hours so we can schedule the exact date. Having three children of my own, I'm adept at handling newborns and know the delicacy in which they should be cared for. Your baby's safety and your comfort level is my first priority. After that, it's all about getting amazing shots. What I need to help do that: a beautiful spot in your home with pretty, natural light. The nursery, master bedroom or living room are usually the best. I also bring a small studio set-up for baby's portrait, so think of a space near that natural light I can set up. The air conditioner should be turned up to about 78 before I arrive, but I also bring a small space heater (babies can't regulate body temp like we can). If baby is warm and cozy, we're all happy. ;) I'm also super patient. If baby needs tending to, that's part of life! I'll capture some of those moments, too. I'm not looking for a perfectly calm, quiet baby (though that would be great for you, right?). Babies are real little people and I happily document all the new moments.

What should I wear?

Something awesome. ;) I recommend coordinating outfits over "matchy-matchy". Pick a color palette of several coordinating colors and work around it. Think of colors you enjoy wearing and look great on each of you (and the colors that will look great hanging on the walls of your home!). When it comes to family pictures, have Mom pick out her outfit first (so she looks and feels great) and then work everyone else around it.  A pretty maxi dress is perfect. Avoid bold patterns and distracting logos. Stick with classic or solid color outfits/pieces, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. Have fun with jewelry and other accessories to add your personality. Time should allow for a wardrobe change, so bring an extra outfit. For children, bright, colorful playful outfits are great.

Newborn babies photograph best in their sweet bare skin. We'll use blankets and wraps for warmth, color, texture and proper, discreet positioning.

Where can we go to take pictures?

Anywhere you want...that's legal...and has great lighting! Your own home can be a great setting because it's very personal for you. This is the best place for newborn sessions. Looking to go out? Options include: the beach (actual beach or street scenes), a neighborhood park or ones such as Pinecrest Gardens, Coral Gables, Vizcaya, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, the historic Deering Estate, various hotels...or any where you want that is special to you. Doing an engagement session? How about going to where you met or your "first date" spot? Or something artsy and urban. Be creative. (Please note: some locations require an entrance fee as well a photography fee. You will be responsible for photographer's admission as well as any other fees associated.) I gladly travel within Miami-Dade county. Additional locations are at my discretion and travel fees will apply.

Please arrive promptly for your session, but it’s most important to stay relaxed, not stressed, especially when it comes to children. Make sure their tummies are full (and yours!) and naps have been taken. ;)

What time of day is best to take pictures?

If the session is at your home, early to mid-morning light is best.  I'll look around for potential settings and the best lighting, typically in a room with large windows.

For outdoor settings, either early morning light or 2 hours before sunset works best to avoid harsh sunlight. Mid-day works in shadier areas, but keep in mind our "warm" South Florida temperatures.

I looove using natural whenever possible and my camera gear can handle many lighting situations. However, I am skilled with the use of proper flash and artificial lighting so that it closely mimics natural light. Basically, I do whatever is necessary to create beautiful images in any circumstance. (And trust me, I've worked in just about ALL lighting circumstances.)

How much do you charge for custom photography?

I am proud to be a legitimate small business owner in the state of Florida.  Please see my session details located under “Investment”.  For a complete pricing guide, please use the contact form in the main menu.  7% FL State Tax is in addition to any pricing information provided on my website and pricing guide.

Do you sell a CD with images to print?

Yes and No. Stick with me here. It seems these days everyone "just wants the CD". People don't realize it's actually a disservice. Every GCP client receives a complimentary CD with images sized for Social Media sharing. Go ahead and post away on FB! ;) Images for printing however are available on my "Collections" menu in my Client Pricing Guide. Gail Centeno Photography is a boutique offering very custom service and professional products. This means I take time to assist and provide you with high-quality images starting with my cameras and lenses, computer equipment and screen-calibrated software, the intricate editing process and the professional printing lab I use to maintain the standard my clients deserve. It also ensures that my work (my name!) is portrayed in the highest quality possible. While some photographers take the quick path, hand you a CD and send you on your way, I choose not to. Mass retail/wholesale clubs or one-hour photo labs are built for speed, not consistency. The colors will fade (and turn) and images won't be properly cropped. Above all, I want to ensure that my clients walk away with tangible PRINTS of their images. How many of us are guilty of taking pictures and storing them on a computer? (I admit even I am and I know countless others, too.) Let's get them on our walls to enjoy (or in beautiful coffee table books) where they should be! With a variety of gorgeous print and gallery products, I promise to help you make the most of your session investment and preserve your memories. You can count on me to help as much as you need, every step of the way. You'll find taking the time with me to choose what gets turned into a canvas over the couch or gets printed into an album is worth more than "just buying the High Res print CD".  But don't worry, with your complimentary CD, you can still post your favorites or update that Facebook profile pic, whatever your budget. ;)

How do I see my pictures and how long will it take to get my prints?

Your tangible, printed session proofs will be available about 2 weeks after your session (approx. 5-6 weeks for weddings or larger events). We'll get together at our local Starbucks (or grab a comfy seat on your couch, if you prefer) for your ordering appointment to select your favorite images for printing. Not sure what size looks best or what groupings you'd like to do? I make it really fun and really easy and completely custom for you. At your ordering appointment, we'll use an incredible program that allows you to see exactly what your images will look like on the wall using either an image of your own home's space (see "Client Wall Design Guide" on the "Info" tab above) or a designer room photo. Once you decide what images and products are best for you, I can have everything, including canvas, fine art and albums in your hands usually in about two weeks!

 I'm ready to book. Now what?

First of all...Yay! I can't wait to meet you! Clients of Gail Centeno Photography are those who truly value photography and see the beauty and importance of investing in fine portraits and a professional photographer whose heart is in the business of making people really, REALLY happy, start to finish (and years to come). To get started, simply click "Contact Me" at the top or bottom of this page (or email me: We'll coordinate our schedules to find just the right time for what you need. I schedule a very limited number of sessions each month to provide you the highest level of service and give you the attention you are worth. {Please keep in mind, I do not work on Sundays.} Once we have the date pinpointed, I will send you an online invoice (via Paypal) for the 50% deposit which holds your spot and is applied to your total session fee. The balance of your session fee will be due just prior to your session. Please ask me about pricing and products available prior to booking. Typically, clients invest anywhere from $500 to $1500 for their portraits. I LOVE what I am able to offer my clients, so just ask!