First things first: This isn't a sale pitch where I try to convince you to hire me. Really. I want you to hire me because you "get" style, my personality, my work ethic, the value I place on life and documenting its moments. We need to be a good match and we might just end up being friends, if that's okay.

A Miami native, who now calls Richmond home, I'm a wife and mother of three teenagers. (Code for busy.) I've been photographing professionally for ten years, both commercial product and portraiture/event.  I'm a hopeless romantic. I love to get lost in the lyrics of a good, good song. I'm most at peace when I'm out in nature. I'm a deep soul who longs to connect with my Creator. My first love is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to whom I owe my all. I attribute every ounce of talent in me to Him. And any good in me is from Him. I'm a self-proclaimed perfectionist who knows I'll never actually attain it in this life and have to often remind myself of the wonderful gift of grace.

Oh, and sushi or a big ol' slice of pizza or a frothy latte never hurt anyone. No, really. It hasn't.

As a lifestyle photographer, my approach is pretty straightforward: no fuss, no muss, always fun, beautiful and unexpected. I love capturing the real stuff. Unstaged. Candid. A cinemagraphic feel. I'll tell your story as it happens. The result will delight and surprise. And you know what? I've never known anyone to regret taking pictures, only NOT taking them. There's never a perfect time, but we should treasure the time that we have.

 - Gail

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Real life. Real you. Real pictures. Pretty much perfect.